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September 16, 2013
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Your POV

I woke up earlier than usual and decide to go back to sleep. I feel Masky's arm around my waist and smile as I start to get a warm feeling flow through my body. I think about last night's events. How I tried to kill myself and Masky came and stopped me. Then I remember him showing how he really felt about me. I start to feel bad because I must have really scared him last night. I could see it in his eyes. I do feel the same way, but I was still worried about trusting someone with my heart again. Even though its him, I'm still scared my heart will end up broken again. I feel is arm wrap around me tighter. My eyes start to feel heavy as I fall back to sleep.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm buzzing. I it the snooze button and try to get up, but Masky kept me on the bed. "Masky, I have to go to school. Please let go." I said trying to break away from his grip. "Can't you play hooky today?" he asked in a tired voice. I thought about what he said. I didn't have any test today, and I've only been absent twice the whole school year. What harm can three do? I give in. I feel him kiss my cheek. "Don't worry." he said. "We'll stop by later when schools out." "Why?" I asked. "Yesterday when I went to pick you up I saw your ex looking at us. And you know what was written all over his face?" "No." "Jealousy." 'Jealousy? My ex is jealous? No way.' I said in my head. "Yay right." "No I'm serious. He was completely jealous when we walked past him. And I'll prove it later." "Whatever you say."

~Time skip~

"This is a bad idea." I said as we walked towards the school area. "Hey, don't you wanna get back at him for what he did?" Masky asked. I nodded. I did want to get revenge on (Ex's name) for all the depression he's caused me. "Good, then what better way to do that then by making him regret what he did."

Once we reached the school I spotted (Ex's name) and (Enemy's name). "I don't think I can do this." I said. "Relax you'll be fine. Just pretend you don't see them." Masky said. "O-Ok." As we got closer Masky put his arm around my waist. I blushed but I choose not to resist. We walk pass (Ex's name) but not without me seeing the look on his face once he spotted us. Masky was right. He really did look jealous. But it made me confused. If he's jealous then why did he cheat in the first place. I guess he didn't expect me to find someone else that quick. Usual for girls like me, it takes over a year for them get over something like this. Yet here I am with a new boyfriend and my ex getting jealous.

We walk around the corner of the building and Masky tells me to wait there. I do as I'm told as he walks back towards (Ex's name).

Masky's POV

I start walking back towards (Ex's name) and the slut (Enemy's name). I thought about all kinds of ways to make him pay. Killing him, giving him Slenderman, cutting off his dick and shoving it up his ass, and then I thought of the perfect plan. Public humiliation. I thought if I walked past him it might get his attention. I was a few feet away from where they were standing when I hear a male voice say "Hey you!" I turn around and see the guy standing right behind me. "Hey what?" I snap back. "What are you doing with (Name)?" He asked. Jealousy filled his voice. "Dating her. Why?" "Well you better find someone else to date!" he ordered. Ohhhh this is just too good. "I'm sorry but if I recall correctly, you cheated on her." "Uhh...I-I...I-I-I just....I...." I knew he wouldn't be able to get out of this one. By now a small group started to notice and they inched closer to get an earful of what was going on. "I...ok I cheated! Big deal!" "Yay. It is a big deal. Cause you had your chance and you decided to blow her off for some slut. And guess what buddy? She's mine know. So Suck it bitch!" The small crowd around us 'oh snapped' and 'damned' as I walk past him heading back to (Name). Man that felt good.

I saw (Name) peek from around the corner. She came running to me and hugged me. "I can't believe you did that for me." She said happily. "I'll do anything for you (Name)." She pulled back and smiled. "Hey (Name) aren't you gonna let us play with your new boy toy?" I (Enemy's name) say as she walked over to us. A group of girls followed her laughing. I slammed down her boyfriend and I can easily break her. "You know what (Enemy's name)." I start. "You started expressing yourself at a young so that guys would look at you in a different way, and know that your older you know what was really going through their minds. So know every time you look in a mirror all you see is the little slut you are. And you take that anger out on (Name) so you don't have to feel that, but you know its there. You know deep down inside you nothing but dirty little whore." She broke down in tears and ran away crying. (Name) hugged me again, but tighter this time. "Let's go home." I said.
Don't get use to the everyday submission. I'm still in school ya know
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Aliza5266 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
Ohhh sweet revenge sweet sweet revenge
Mizomim Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014   Writer
VENGENCE Evil Smile Of Dooms Day 
kidxmaka11 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 10, 2014
i fells bad for useing my ex because he's still my friend........BUT DAMN,when Masky said suck it bitch, I was like..........
Me: DAMN, YOU JUST FUCKING WIN RAW(sorry to many memes)

I wish my ex would have done that when my enemy picked on me, but then he just broke up with me and is now dating her!!!(he later said he was very sorry and tried to ask me out again....and of course I said FUCK NO and he was like can we at least be friends and I was like to fucking nice to say no so i said yes and got mad at myself later any way back to them)FUCK I WAS PISSED and sad and a little depressed,but my bff is a guy and made me happy and now I have a HUGE crush on him! To bad he like so stupid popular girl, who has a bf and my other bff likes her bf and the popular girl's bf is cheating on her with my friend's friend so right now I HAVE TO HELP ALL OF THEM!!!! even my crush*sad again* SO FUCKKKKKKKKK*NOW MAD*

...............anyway,AWESOME SORRY!!! IT MADE ME HAPPY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D*HAPPY AGAIN*
kidxmaka11 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
its nothin! Helped one girl bff now time to help my crush win his crush....and deal with some assholes along with it...Ahh~ what fun this will be
ghostgirl109 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i feel kinda bad for you.
Mizomim Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014   Writer
ShyButterFlyz Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Dang..why does this story so familiar to my life at school? I have an ex. who cheated on me with my enemy ..that slut nugget bitch but I can't believe that my own best friend who turns out to be a guy loves me o.o . Ex. Got jealous xD
Mizomim Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014   Writer
Emerald2001 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist
This happend to me in School my friend Ty turn into my Bf O-O''
Mizomim Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014   Writer
What's wrong with that?
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