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September 20, 2013
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Your POV

Masky left, he said he had to take care of something. I stayed home and went into my room. I went on my computer and lodged into Facebook. There I saw a bunch of post from kids at school. They were all talking about what happened today and they shared how they felt about my ex cheating on me.

'Dudes this guy came to my school and totally owned (Ex's name)! It was awesome!'

'Ladies beware. (Ex's name) is a dog! He will cheat on you.'

'I thought (Ex's name) was a cool guy. Until I found out he cheated on his girl!'

'Some guy came and schooled (Ex's name) I posted it on my YouTube so you could see for your self.'

'I feel really bad for (Name). No wonder she seemed so depressed lately'

'Don't worry (Name) I know what it's like to be cheated on. There are other guys in the world that are loyal to their girls. Like me ^^'

'(Ex's name) your a bad person and you should feel bad!'

'Hang in there (Name)'

'(Ex's name) cheated on (Name). Is he a jerk or what?'

'I heard (Ex's name) cheated in his girlfriend with (Enemy's name) and she's a fucking slut! I heard she slept with the whole basketball team.'

'(Ex's name) you are a liar and a cheater and you don't deserve a girlfriend! And (Enemy's name) your a whore!'

I couldn't help but smile at the post. Know everyone knows what he did to me. I hear my cell phone ring and see that I got a text. I look at it and see it was from (Ex's name) saying 'Can we talk?' I text back 'NO!'. For the next few minutes he calls and text me trying to get me to talk to him. But I'm not falling for it. I hear the door bell ring. Thinking it was Masky I walk out my room, go down stairs and open the door. Only to see that it was my ex. I slam the door in his face yelling "Go away!" "(Name) please I just wanna talk." he begged. "Leave before I have you arrested for trespassing!" "Go ahead, cause I'm not leaving until we talk." Defeated I open the door. "What do you want?" "Look (Name) I know your mad, and you have every right to be. I did something horrible. But please believe that I really am sorry. Let me make it up to you. Give me another chance." he pleaded.

"No. Its like he said. You had your chance and you blew it. You decided to push me off for the girl you know I hate. Even if I hadn't met someone else I still wouldn't take you back because I know for a fact you would just do it again. I gave you my trust, I gave you my heart and you shredded them like paper! I thought you might have actually been the one for me! I thought I loved you but obviously I was wrong! Your nothing but a liar and user! And to think I blamed myself for what you did! I thought you cheated because I wasn't pretty enough, that I wasn't good enough! I thought you cared about me but you obviously don't give a damn about how I care! And not once did you try to apologize for what you did before today! Your only apologizing because everyone knows what you did and you just don't want to deal with the humiliation! Your not sorry because you feel bad! YOUR SORRY BECAUSE YOU GOT CAUGHT!! YOUR SORRY BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS THE KIND OF PERSON YOU ARE!!! DO YOU EVEN HAVE ANY IDEA OF THE PAIN YOU PUT ME THROUGH?!?! ALL THE NIGHTS I CRIED MY SELF TO SLEEP WONDERING WHY YOU DID THIS TO ME?!?! I HATE YOU (Ex's name)!!! I HATE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING AND I WISH YOU WOULD JUST DROP DEAD!!!"

I slammed the door again only harder this time. "(Name) please I.....I'm sorry." I stormed up the stairs and into my room. I grabbed the pillow off my bed and scream into it as loud as I could. After a few minutes of sobbing I went out like a light.

????????? POV

'My poor, poor (Name). Your don't deserve all this suffering you've gone through.' I walk over to the bed and neal down so I'm face to face with her. I take off my cap to help get a better look. I kiss her cheek and leave her to sleep. If (Name) is ever going to be mine, I need to eliminate the completion. I hope Hoodie doesn't mind working alone.
Let the guessing begin :iconmanvsspiderplz: (love dis soo much)
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xXShadowKnight Apr 14, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please not Strangled red.. i love him Dx
Mizomim Apr 14, 2014   Writer
What's the difference between strangled red and glitchy red ?

Besides the obvious .
Mizomim Apr 5, 2014   Writer
Which one, which one
silvazerock Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*realisation hits* OMFG POKÉPASTA'S WHICH ONE IS IT?!
Mizomim Mar 27, 2014   Writer
silvazerock Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OHMURGAWD WHY RED WHYYYYYYYY (just read on) *dramatically falls to knees*
eunicesakuyaki12 Feb 13, 2014  Student General Artist
It's either Glitchy Red or Strangled Red....and i think it is Strangled Red.
Mizomim Feb 13, 2014   Writer
xToxicFlossx Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think the only creepypasta that has a cap is that Pokemon guy one (I hope I'm right)
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