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September 15, 2013
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Your POV

"I mean it (Name) you are the luckiest girl in school. Do you know what these girls would do for a secret admirer!" my best friend Sarah said as we sat down for lunch. I had just told her about my secret admirer Jack. He's been leaving presents and love letters for the past two weeks. Even though I haven't even met him yet I'm starting to get feelings for him. "I know Sarah. Which is why I want this to stay between me and you. Ok?" I said. "Alright. Do your parents know?" "No. They'd never let me hear the end of it if they found out."
"So, what's his name?"
"Have you met him yet?"
"No. If I did he wouldn't be secret anymore."
"Point taken. Hey, think you could show me one of the letters?"
"Tomorrow, I don't have one with me."
"Do they say the sweetest things?"
"Yes, and this is where it gets really romantic."
"Well. Don't keep me waiting."
I look from side to side to make sure no one is listening.
"He said he loves me."
"O.M.G. That's is soooooo cute!"

The bell rang signing that lunch was over.

~Time skip~

Finally school was over. I walk over to my locker and open it. "Hey (Name)." I hear Sarah call as she runs over to me. "Hey Sarah." I replied. I faced the inside of my locker and start to "Do you smell that?" I asked. "Smells like a guy's cologne." Sarah said. I look in my locker and next to my notebooks is and envelope. I grab it and pull it out, putting to my nose. It smelled like the cologne. "Is that from Jack?" Sarah asked. I open it and reach for what's inside. I pull out a silver chain with a hook and loop, and at the end is a heart shaped pendent with the word 'Angel' engraved on it. The chain was taped to a folded paper. I remove the tape and unfold the paper, and on it, in what looked like red paint was ' For you my beautiful angel. Love Jack' I start to blush.

Suddenly the note and necklace were snatched right out of my hand. "Oooo, what's this?" Said a familiar and annoying voice. I looked over and saw a blonde haired girl dressed like a slut, two other girls dressed the same why, and their boyfriends. "Give them back Whitney!" I demanded. I tried to reach for them, but her boyfriend pushed me, causing me to slam against the lockers. "Hey!" Sarah yelled. She tried the same thing I did, only to end up on the floor. "Nice necklace. I think I'll keep it. Oh and tell Jack he can do sooo much better." They all laughed. Whitney gave the necklace to her boyfriend so he could put it on for her. I started to feel tears build up in my eyes. "I didn't know sluts could get jealous!" I snapped at her. Her boyfriend walked over and slapped in the face. He raised his hand to do it again.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her boyfriend's wrist. Who ever it was they were wearing all black. Black hoodie, black joggers, black gym shoes, black gloves, sunglasses, and a blue scarf covering the rest of his face. But I could see a little bit of his dark brown hair sticking out from the top of his hoodie. "Who the hell-" "Give it back." Said the boy in black. "Uhhh, excuse me?" Whitney asked "Give it back." The boy repeated. "And if I don't?" Her boyfriend asked. All I heard was a cracking sound and him screaming. "YOU BASTARD YOU BROKE MY WRIST!" "That's not the only thing I'm gonna break!" All I could hear was screaming and bones breaking. The other boyfriends tried to help, but they ended up the same way. Who ever the boy in black was, he really knew how to fight. I noticed the necklace on the floor, but Whitney grabbed it. Before she could even get her hand off the ground, the boy stomped on her hand. She screamed bloody murder. "Let! Go!" The boy demanded. Whitney did what she was told. She looked at her broken hand and cried like a baby. The boy picked up the necklace and walked over to me. He put his gloved hand on my cheek. I hissed a little because of the pain. He then replaced his hand with his lips. I blushed hard. "I will never let any one hurt you." He whispered. He put the necklace in my hand and me close it. "Jack?" I asked. But he suddenly took off running down the hall and out of sight. "Oh. My. God." Sarah said. "You can say that again." I replied.
And the winner is (drum role) Eyeless Jack.
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