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September 15, 2013
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Jack' POV


I was sneaking around behind a house, looking for my next meal. I come up to a window and open it. I climb in and find myself in a kitchen. I walk around the house trying to find the stairs. Finally I found them and climb up. Once I reach the top, I hear someone snoring like a bear. I follow the sound into a room where a man who looked to be in his mid thirties was sleeping. I walk over to him quietly. Once I was right next to him I pull the covers down so the only thing standing between me and dinner is his skin and flesh. I use my claws to cut. I reach inside and grab an organ. I us my claws to cut it away and pull out. 'Hey a kidney. My favorite.' I said cheerfully in my head. I walk over the window and open it. I jump out and land perfectly on my feet.

Once I've devoured my prize I decide to go for seconds. I come up to a house that was a little bigger than the last one, and it had a balcony. I climb up the pillars that reach to the balcony and finally reach the top. A few feet was a glass door with a curtain in front of it. Blocking my view of whatever was inside. I walk up to the door and turn the knob. Surprisingly it was unlocked. I open the door slowly and go inside. Once inside I look around until I spot a bed with someone lying in it. I walk over and was stopped by a...smell. I lift my mask pass my nose and inhale. What ever this smell was, it was amazing. I soon realized the smell was coming from the figure in the bed. I grab the blanket and pull down. I completely froze the moment I saw...her. A beautiful girl with (s/t) skin and (h/l)(h/c) hair. She was gorgeous. She shifted in her sleep and it made me panic. I let go of the blanket and bolt out the door.

I run until I reach the woods. Once there, I started thinking about the girl in the bed. I started getting this warm feeling inside me and there was something thumbing in my chest. I put my hand on my chest and I soon realized it was my heart. I forgot I even had a heart. All these things were happening to me because of that girl, that....Angel.

I spent a few days watching until I finally learned her name. (Name), and once I got a glimpse of her beautiful (e/c) eyes. Every time I thought of her my heart would start racing. I needed to know more about her life. I needed to know more about my angel.

~End of flashback~

A scarf, sunglasses and a pair of gloves helped me blend right in. I walked to (Name)'s school and no one seemed to noticed me. I go inside and try to look for her. I found her in lunch room talking to another girl. I use this time to go to her locker. I opened her locker and leave a present for inside. I hear the bell ring and try to find a place to hide. I hide around a corner for the rest of the day, until the school day finally ended. I watch (Name) go to her locker and open it. Her friend comes and she noticed the gift I left for her. She opens the envelope and pulls out the necklace and letter I got for her. A group of girls dressed like sluts and guys who I assumed were their boyfriends came up. The blonde girl snatched the necklace and letter out of (Name)'s hand. She tried to take them back but one of the guys pushed her down. I clenched my fist and start walking over to them. "I didn't know sluts could get jealous!" I hear (Name) yell. The same boy who pushed her walked over and slapped her. Now I'm pissed! He raised his hand to do it again but I ran over and grabbed his wrist.

"Who the hell-" he started. "Give it back." I said. "Uhhh excuse me." blonde girl said in an annoyed tone. "Give it back." I repeat. "And if I don't?" the guy taunted. I replayed by squeezing his wrist. All I could hear were the sounds of bones breaking and him screaming. "YOU BASTARD YOU BROKE MY WRIST!!" he screamed. "That's not the only thing I'm gonna break." I said before kicking him in the chest, breaking several ribs. In the end I nearly broke every bone in his body but his neck. The other two guys tried to fight me , but they ended up the same way. On the floor and in pain. The other two girls ran away but the blonde one stayed and tried to take the necklace off the floor. I stomp on her hand, breaking it and making her scream. "Let! Go!" I ordered. She did what I said and let go of the necklace. I removed my foot and grabbed the piece of jewelry. I turn to (Name) who was sitting on the floor against the lockers, and her left cheek was red and a bit swollen. I gently place my hand on her cheek. She hissed a little from the pain, I pull my scarf down and replace my hand with my lips. I then put my lips to her ear and whisper "I will never let any one hurt you." I put the necklace in her hand and recover my face. "Jack?" she asked. I sprinted down the hall and out the building. I wanted to reveal myself to her, but I just wanted to do it some where a little more private.

Your POV

It about 7:30 and my mom was making dinner. I was in my room watching videos on YouTube.
I hear a knock at my door. "Come in." I said. I see the door open and my mom walked in. "Yeah mom?" I asked. "I got a call from your school. Three boys and a girl were sent to the hospital today. One of them in critical condition. And you've been suspended." she said. "Suspended?! Why, I didn't do anything." "The girl and two of the boys said you where there and that you knew who attacked them." "But they hit me first. I don't know who that guy was." "I believe you sweetie, but why didn't you tell me when you first got home?" I...I don't know." I said looking away. "(Name)." she said walking over to me and sitting on my bed.
"Is there something your not telling me and your father. Is it a secret boyfriend?"
"No...its.....a secret admirer."
"What's name?"
"Was he the one that attacked those kids?"
"I think so. Am I in trouble?"
"No sweet heart." she said kissing my head. "I'm just worried about you. You know I had a secret admirer when I was your age. And you know who it turned out to be?"
"Your father. That's how we met." She got up and walked over to the door. "Dinner's ready if your hungry, your father and I will be back soon." "Where are you going?" I asked. "Where going to your school to have a word with the principal. I don't like the fact that my daughter is being punished for something she didn't do." She left me alone in the room.

~Time skip~

After dinner I walked back up to my room and noticed the balcony door was open. I walked over and close when I start to get the feeling I was being watch. I turn around and see a boy wearing a black hoodie, joggers, gym shoes and a blue mask, but he had no eyes. Just big empty sockets with a black ooze dripping from them. I then remember him from an article I read. Eyeless Jack. I was about to scream when he rushed over and cover my mouth. "Shhhh." he said. I was scared out of my mind. My cheek started to hurt again. He must have noticed me wincing from the pain. He used his other hand to lift his mask past his lips and I could see he really, really dark skin. He pressed his lips against my cheek and my eyes widen in realization. He removed his hand from my mouth, pulled away and smiled at me. "Jack?" I asked. "Yes angel." he replied.

He picked me up bridal style and walked over the bed. He sat down and sat me on his lap. "(Name)...I know I'm not what you expected of me, but please understand I really do love you. I would do anything for you." he said softly. "I know. You proved that today." I said. I was still a little scared but not as much. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back. I reach for his mask and grab it. "Wait." he said. He pulled his hood down revealing his dark brown hair. I pulled his mask off set it on the bed. I then look at his face. I know they say eyes are the window to the soul, but what if the person has no eyes? I soon found myself leaning in closer until our lips were only inches apart. I finally close the gap between us and press my lips against his. Soon he started to put more passion into it. I soon found myself on my back, him on top, and I was blushing like there was no tomorrow. We break away for air. He rolled off and laid down next to me, holding me in his arms. "I love you (Name)." he said. "I love you too." I replied.
Part 2 already. Holy cow.
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