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September 16, 2013
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Your POV

When I woke up Jack was still holding me in his arms, cuddling me like a child cuddling a teddy bear. I smile and decide to go back to sleep. I start to hear my parents talking out side my door. I start panic. "Jack! Jack wake up!" I whisper, shacking him. He finally started to wake. "W-What is it?" he asked rubbing his 'eyes'. "My parents are here. I don't want them to find you." He got off the bed, I soon followed. "Where should I hide?" he asked. "My closet." I pull him towards my closet and I hear someone knocking on my door. 'Oh crap!' I thought. "(Name)? Honey are you awake?" I hear my mom ask from the other side. "Yes mom. I'm....getting dressed." I call back while pushing Jack into the closet. "(Name) you better not have a boy in there." I hear my dad say. "No dad you know I'm not that kind of girl." I guess after last night and the fact I am hiding a boy in my closet does make that kind of girl. "Alright. I just wanted to know if you were ok pumpkin."

Once Jack was safe in my closet I walk to the door and open. My mom was standing outside and pulled me into a hug. "Are you sure your alright sweetie?" "I'm fine mom. Why? Didn't you come home last night?" "No. The car broke down and we had to stay at a motel, I tried to call but my battery died." "It's ok mom. I'm fine." I said once she let me loose from her arms. "I've just been so worried about you ever since that lunatic came to town." I got confused at what she said. "Lunatic?" I asked "What lunatic?" "You haven't heard?" she asked. I shook my head. "I think both your father and I should explain."

She took my down stairs where my dad was in the living room watching football. "Honey, we need to talk to (Name)." My mom said. Dad looked at us as we sat down on the couch. "What about?" he asked. "About that monster out there." "You mean she doesn't know?" "Know what?" I asked. "(Name) there's been a crazed serial killer running around killing people and stealing their organs." My dad said. "That's why I was so worried when we couldn't contact you last night. The last place anyone saw him was around our neighborhood." My mom said. Once they mentioned organs, I knew they were talking about Jack. "But nothings happened and I didn't see or hear anything last night." "But that doesn't mean we're not worried for your safety." "Don't worry mom, I'll be ok. I'm gonna go back upstairs. I'm still a little tired." I get up and walk to the stairs. "Are you sure you don't have a boy up there?" My asked. "Daaad!" I laugh.

When I got back to my room, Jack was sitting on my bed with his head down. "Jack what's wrong?" I asked walking over and sitting next to him. "They told you about me didn't they? About who I am, and what I do." There was sadness in his voice. "....Jack..." I pull him into hug. "Jack...I don't care about what you do. I love you no matter what." I kiss his cheek and tighten my hug. He started to hug me back. "I love you too." He said a bit more cheerful.

Jack's POV

"I love you no matter what." Once I heard those words, my whole life felt like a fairy tale. I felt like I was the beast and she was my beauty. I felt like my life would be full of nothing but happy endings.

Just a hint. Something very big, and very bad is going to happen. And it involves who some people call "The worst pasta of them all!" If you guess right i'll let you pick how the story ends.
Does this count as a cliffhanger?
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Ask-Vixy-the-Fox1987 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Student Digital Artist
Is it... RA- wait no that's from BEN x reader... SLENDER!? SMILEY!? SEEDEA- no that's from Hoodie x reader... ZALGO!?
crushingprison Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
sami scared (icon) Oh god not sexual offenderman DX

Lol jk
its-we interrupt this spoiler alert to bring you this program- 
Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT  Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT Dancin CAT

Hehe dancing cat -v- 
Mizomim Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014   Writer
GreytheGreyt Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Student General Artist
I know part 4 is already written (so excited), but Ima gon be a rebel. Dark Link... Yep, no Zalgo!
Mizomim Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014   Writer
You'll see
GreytheGreyt Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Student General Artist
It was really good!
Mistpaw89 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
Mizomim Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014   Writer
Ponydoesminecraft Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Student General Artist
Everyone is saying 'zomg it's zalgo weeee' but when I see "worst creepypasta" I just whisper

my immortal...
Mizomim Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014   Writer
. . . Yikes.
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