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Your POV

I feel to the floor as I was slammed against the lockers. I could my bullies laughing as the walked away. Normally I would start crying, but my tear sacks went dry after sophomore year. I got back to my feet even though pain was surging through my body. I didn't care anymore. No one else did, so why should I. I continued walking to my last class of the day, chemistry. The only thing I hate about chemistry is that Gilbert is in it. I walk into the science room and sit at the back of the class. No one sat next to me. And that was how I liked it. Moments later the teacher began speaking. 

"Alright class as you are all aware the science fair is coming up. Now normally you would all do your own projects, but not this time. I've spoken to the principal and he has allowed me to run the fair the way I want to be. Which means instead of doing your projects by yourself, I'm going to assign you partners." Some of them liked it, and some didn't, me......I didn't care much, just as long as they didn't screw up my grade. 

"Whom ever you get partnered up with will not have individual grades. The project will count for both of your grades so no fooling around. Once I call your name I will call off the name of your partner and I expect you to work with them. Once I'm finished I want you to sit by them and you'll use the rest of the period to discuss your project. No then, let's get started....."

He started calling off names and who they were going to be with. One by one the students were partnered and the moment he called the their names they went to go sit by who ever they got stuck with. The next thing I heard from the teacher was....."Gilbert, you'll be with (Name)." 

At that moment I wanted to run out the class room and go home, thinking it was nothing but a bad dream. But I've been through enough to know what's real and what's not. And this is real. I keep my eyes on the window as he came to sit next to me. I could some of the girls complaining about how I got partnered up with him and not them. "I guess you and I are partners now." he said in a friendly tone. "For the sake of the grade, I'll try and forget what a complete asshole you are." I said looking anywhere but him.  

In the end we came up with something about powering a light bulb with a lemon. It sounds weird but I heard it makes a good project. The bell rang and school was finally over. I was one of the last one's to leave. "(Name), can we talk?" I hear Gilbert ask. "Unless it's about the project, no." "But (Name)-" "There is nothing for us to talk about Gilbert! Nothing!" I snapped. 

Gilbert's POV

She walked away as if nothing had happened. I sighed and went my own way. As I was walking towards the door to exit the building I saw a poster for the junior prom. It was next month but I haven't bought by ticket yet. "Hola Gilbert." I hear a familiar voice say. I turn and see Antonio walking towards me. "Hey Toni." I replied. "So do you know who want to take to prom?" he asked as we walked out the building. " be honest......I don't know if I'm....going." he didn't look surprised at this. He just stayed completely normal. "Gee, I wonder why?" he asked sarcastically.
"I know why you don't want to go to prom?" 
"Ok wise guy. Why then?"
 "You don't want to go to prom because the girl you want to take wants nothing to do with you." 

I opened my mouth to say something but I shut it because he was right.

"Can't say I don't blame her. Or that I'm not dissapointed in you Gil." 
"Yes Gil. I'm dissapointed in you. Very dissapointed. You and (Name) use to be the closest friends. She nearly got expelled for all the times she would beat up someone for making fun of you. When high school came around I actually thought you where gonna go from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. And now she can't even stand to hear your name. All for what? Because all those people we hang out with thinks she's a loser? You were suppose to be friends forever and now look at her. An orphan in high school with no friends what so ever. You weren't even there when her parents died. All the other kids think your cool, but what do you think about yourself Gilbert. How awesome do think you are after just throwing her away like a piece of trash." 
"If it's bothering you so much then why don't you be friends with her." 
"Well apparently because I'm friends with you she wants nothing to do with me either. And I'm not gonna give up my popularity for something you did." 

And just like (Name) he walked away as if nothing happened. 

~Time skip~

I was sitting on my bed looking at a picture of me and (Name) when we were little. Then I remember the day I abandoned her. How I said she was no one important just so could keep my popularity. No make it worse it happened on the day before her parents died. Ever since then all the guilt has been eating at me until I become nothing.


I look over to my window and see small yellow bird sitting on the sill. It flies over and lands on my head. "What am I gonna do Gilbird? (Name) won't even talk to me." 


He hovers on front of my chest and starts pecking it, but not enough to hurt me. "Well my heart hasn't been helping much." He pecks it again and then sits on the picture, only to go back to pecking my chest. "You mean a gift from the heart?"

~Piyo Piyo Piyo~ 

"Alright.....I'll try."
Little Gilbird wants to help.
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cancerleovirgo Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
In the end we came up with something about powering a light bulb with a lemon

my sister did that by herself WHEN SHE WAS IN 4TH GRADE O_O
Mizomim Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014   Writer
idk i was too lazy to come up with something else
cancerleovirgo Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i would suggest something radioactive....BUT YOUR CHOICE :D
anakind87 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014
It always cheers me up when Gilbird's around:) I love him - he's such a cutie:)
Mizomim Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014   Writer
Hetalianloverkiku Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
Aww Gilbird your more awesome then prussia
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no way gilbirds cuter and not an egotistic bastard like you
prussia:mopes in the corner 
*whispers to Gilbird*
gilbird:*nods and flies away*
hey prussia since Gilbird is not here your more awesome
prussia:*blushes like mad*
haha you look cute
prussia:*kisses me*
Mizomim Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014   Writer
Hetalianloverkiku Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
You no accept my offer 
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