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My one week suspension ended and Gilbert talked me into going back to school. Just as I thought everyone started talking about me and Gilbert, and how they thought we were dating.....even though we really were. The girl I beat up during gym class started getting jealous, and tried to get me away from Gilbert. But Gilbert promised he wouldn't let anyone or anything come between us. I really was happy now the I'm with Gilbert.......but I was still having a hard time forgiving him. I can't just forgive just like that......even if he is my boyfriend now.

School had ended and I had a tone of makeup home work to do. luckily for me at least three of my classes didn't assign homework the whole week I was gone, which means I only two classes to make up. Gilbert and I took the bus home this time. We sat next to each other in the front seats. I enjoyed the ride. Once we made it home I started on my make up homework, Gilbert was there to help when ever I need it.

~Two hours later~

"Finally! I'm finished." I said as I stretched my arms. When I put my arms down Gilbert gave me a kiss on the cheek. I laid my head on his shoulder and relaxed. "(Name)?" he asked. "Yes Gilbert?" I replied as I pulled away to look at him. He looked a little nervous which made me concerned. "I want to asked you something...." "What is it?" "I uhhh.....Will you......Will you uuhh.......Will you got to prom with me?"

I was speechless. I wanted to say yes....but at the same time I didn't know if I wanted to go to the junior prom. But I knew I couldn't leave Gilbert without an answer. "I.....don't know......I mean I do but....I don't think I want to go." He grabbed my hand smiled at me. "It's ok. I understand." He gently kissed my cheek and forehead. I lay my head on his shoulder again and hear him whisper "Ich liebe dich."

~Three days later~

After thinking about I told Gilbert that I would go to prom with him, but if he promised not to argue with me if I wanted to leave. He promised he wouldn't make me do anything I didn't want to.

~Prom night~

I was nervous, no one could blame me for that. Gilbert helped me pick out a (f/color) dress covered in glitter and heels. I flat ironed my hair and put on little bit of make up. A few minutes later I'm ready to go. I hear the door bell ring and I go down stairs to answer it. I open the door and see Gilbert wearing a tuxedo and holding a (f/color) (f/flower). Once he saw me his cheeks turned bright red. " look.....Wow!" I smiled, I was actually surprised that he was speechless. He put the flower in my hair and offered me his arm. We walked out of the house and into the limo he ordered. Now we were off to prom.

I thought the prom was going to held in the school gymnasium, but instead it was at a banquet hall. I was surprised the school was able to afford it. We stood outside the fancy building and chills went up my spin. "I don't about this Gilbert...." "Do you want to go home liebe?" ".......No.....I guess I'm just nervous." "Don't be. I'm right here." And in we went.

I was having a lot of fun actually. Sure some of the girls gave me dirty looks but I didn't care. I was sitting at a table taking a breather and Gilbert went to get me some water. I was sitting by myself when (random name) and her stupid friends came over. I ignored them as they spoke to me. "You think you're such a hot a shot just because Gilbert took you to prom huh? You know he's just using you. He doesn't care about you so you might as well just leave you worthless little-" "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

I look up and see Gilbert with an angry look on his face. He put the glass of water on the table. "Why don't just go away before something bad happens to you." he warned. "And if I don't?" the girl taunted. "Want me to slap you again?"

This time the girl look scared and walked away. I finished drinking the water just as a slow dance came on. I stood up and Gilbert followed. We went to the dance floor and he put his hands around my waist while I put my arms around his neck. I rested my chin on his shoulder. "Gilbert?" I asked in a low voice. "Yes liebe." he said as we pulled away to look at each other. "What does ich liebe dich mean?" He blushed and looked away for a little while before answering my question. "It means....I love you."

I took in what he said and thought for a moment. I looked at him and judging by the expression on his face, he seemed to be regretting what he said.....probably because he thinks I don't feel the same way. I smiled at him and placed my hand on his cheek. "I love you too Gilbert." Then his expression completely changed from sad and regretful, to relived and happy. I leaned in and closed my eyes to kiss him. He did the same as our lips met. He moved from my lips and kissed my cheek a couple times.

"I love you (Name). I always will. Cross my heart."

"And hope to die."

PROM! :iconmanvsspiderplz::iconbigheartplz:
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