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August 13, 2013
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Ben's POV

I woke up in the same potion I fell asleep in. I loved having (Name) in my arms so much I didn't want to let go. She looked so cute when she slept. So cute, so....vulnerable. I started getting a few perverted thoughts about her, but I tried to push them back. I'm worried she isn't ready, and I don't want hurt her. Especially after what happened yesterday. Seeing her that upset, and knowing it was because of me. I never want to see her like that again.

I began thinking about yesterday, and how I stood up against Slender to get to her.
'OH FUCK! SLENDERS GONNA KILL ME! AND THEN HER!!' I screamed in my head. I felt (Name) kiss my cheek. "Good morning." she said. "Morning beautiful." I said. I got out of bed and turned to (Name). "BEN!" a familiar voice yelled. I turned around and saw Slender standing right behind me. I backed up and tried to keep (Name) out of his view as much as possible. "You better hope it doesn't get infected you little game freak!" he said showing me one is tentacles, it was wrapped in a bandage. 'Guess I bit harder than I thought.' I snapped out of my thoughts and back to reality. "Your not getting any where near (Name)!" I warned. "(Name)? Is that the girl you've been seeing? Cause I'd like to have a word with her." "Back! Off!" More tentacles began a appearing from behind his back. "I don't think so." he said.

With just one swipe I was against the wall, my back hurting like crazy, and my vision was blurred. When it came back I saw (Name) Being carried off by Slender, she was passed out. Before I could make a move they were gone. I immediately got to my feet and jumped into her computer, going as fast as I could until I was back in my room. I wasn't even thinking. I was just running on pure adrenaline. I ran out of my room and into the hallway where I bumped into Hoodie and Masky. Just the guys I was looking for. "Whoa slow down Ben, your gonna hurt your self." Hoodie said. "Listen." I said. "I don't have time to explain why but I really need to know where Slender is." "Sorry man, we haven't seen him all morning." Masky said. I didn't even respond. I just ran past them. I ran outside into the woods. I didn't even know where I was going. But I was just hoping it would take me (Name) before its too late.

Your POV

I woke up and I was in the woods. All I could remember was seeing Slenderman in my room before I passed out. "Hello (Name)." said a voice. I turn around and saw Slenderman standing behind me. "Don't worry, I won't kill you unless I have to." That didn't help with my fear. "Now how do you know Ben? And don't even think about lying to me." he said. "I-I-I'm his g-girlfriend." I said scared as hell.
"Girlfriend huh?"
"Do you love him?"
"Would you ever hurt him?"
"No never."
"Does he love you?"
"Are you sure?"
I hesitated a bit. ".....N-No...."
"I'm not surprised at your answer. With the way Ben is I'm surprised he even fell in love at all."
"What do you mean?"
"Ben can be a bit a pervert. Always spying on women."
"I know....he told me."
"One last question. Will you be loyal to him?"
"Than I guess there's no reason for me to kill you. Just as long as you keep your word."
The next thing I knew we were back in my room. "Stay here." he said. "I have a few questions for Ben." Then he disappeared.

Ben's POV

I was looking in every possible place where Slender might have taken (Name). I was starting to think I was already too late. Then suddenly Slender appeared out of no where. "WHERE IS SHE?!" I yelled. "Ben, relax. She's safe." "I SAID WHERE IS SHE?!" "Back in her room. Now calm down." I took a couple breathes. "Ok Ben. I want to ask you some questions?" "What?"
"Were you the one who gave her that bruise on her eye."
"No I would never hurt her!"
"Do you love her?"
"Of course I do!"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes I'm sure! Why would you ask that?"
"Because she's not sure if you return her feelings."
"What? Why? How could she be unsure about me loving her?!" I was worried about this.
"Ben with you and your perverted whys, how could she not be unsure?"
He had a point. To be honest...I was a little hurt by this. "But I do love her."
"Then tell her and not me."

I turned around to go back to the house when Slender grabbed my arm. "I'll teleport you. It'll be faster." he said. Within moments we were back in (Name)'s room. He teleported away, leaving me and (Name) alone. That's how I wanted it. I turned around and saw (Name) sitting on her bed. I ran over to her and held her in my arms. After a few minutes I pulled away, taking her hands into mine. "(Name), I love you. I love you more than anything." I only said what I felt in my heart. Speaking of... "(Name)...." I put her right hand on my chest so she could feel my racing heart. "This is how I feel every time I'm with you. I want to feel like this every. Single. Day. (Name)...come with me." "What?" she asked. "I want you to come live with me. You can leave this life. You won't have to worry about bullies or you stupid sister. Please (Name)." Her eyes began water, and tears began flowing down, but she was smiling. "Yes!" she cried before wrapping her arms around my neck and holding me tightly. I hugged her back, never wanting to let go.
To be honest...I think this is the best thing I've written so far :D
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