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August 19, 2013
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~You guys have guessed a lot of characters, and only five got it right. I'm really impressed with all of you and I think you've waited long enough for the next part.~

Ben's POV

Its been a week since (Name) came to live with me. I was a little nervous about introducing her to the others. Slender was ok with it, but I was worried about how the others would react. Especially Zalgo. I don't think I can have those two meet at all. Zalgo hates humans, and me and him aren't exactly friends. He'll kill her without even thinking about what he was doing. I can't let that happen. Oh wait....there's one more person who might want to kill (Name) too. Jane. And any friend of Jeff's is an enemy of hers. Maybe if I tell them one at a time, they might not kill her.

I left (Name) at the house and went to look for the others. A few minutes later I ran into Jeff. "Hey Ben." he said. "Hi Jeff." He was leaning against a tree, sharpening his knife. "So how's your girlfriend?" he ask. "She's fi-...wait. How do you know I have a girlfriend?" "Slender told me." "What? Has he told anyone else?" "Yup. He told everyone. Except for Zalgo." I didn't know if should be mad or grateful. "Ok....I guess that means I don't to tell anyone. Since Slendy did that for me." I turned around to leave. "Hey Ben?" I turned back around. "Yeah?" "You know what's up with Rake?" "Rake? No, why?" "He's been acting weird lately. Like he's pissed off about something." "Well if he is, I don't know what? Are sure he's not mad at you for stealing his kills?" I joked. "That's another weird thing, he hasn't gone killing all week." "Say what?" The Rake was a killing machine. He wouldn't even go a day without at least killing one human. But going a whole week without spilling blood. That's not normal for him. "You heard me. He hasn't killed in a week. He just stays in the woods looking really pissed off. Slender tried talking to him, but he won't tell us what's going on. So I thought you knew." "Nope." What's wrong with him? "Well I gotta get going." I said. "Ok. See ya."

I turned around and headed back to the house. I didn't want to leave (Name) alone for too long.

Your POV

I was outside in front of the house getting some fresh air. I was about to go back inside when I got the feeling I was being watch. "Hello (Name)." said a sinister voice. I spun around and saw a demonic creature with long claws. I then remembered an article I read about a creature with long claws called The Rake. I stepped backwards only to end up tripping over something and falling on my back. Now The Rake was only inches away from me. I squeezed my eyes shut as I remembered how he killed. "You look so cute when your afraid." he said. "I could just eat. You. U- AHHHHHH" I opened my eyes only to see Ben punching Rake in the face. Sending him flying feet away from us.

As soon as Ben helped me to my feet, he pushed me behind him. "I don't care how long its been since you've killed someone Rake!" he yell. "But your not getting near (Name)!" The Rake growled as he looked at Ben. "If you think I'm just gonna sit here and let you take what's mine, you'd better think again you elf!" Rake yelled. "What the hell are you talking about?" Ben asked. "She's mine Ben! And I'm not gonna let you, or anyone else stand in my way!"

I suddenly hear growling from above us. I looked up to see a tall creature. Taller than Slenderman, with black long hair, and big, blank white eyes. It walked over me and Ben, so we were standing underneath it. "Perfect timing Strider." Ben said. Rake just growled and ran away. Strider stepped back and look down at use. His growl was replaced with a purr. It was actually kinda cute. He then turned and left. Ben and I went back inside the house.

Ben's POV

Great, now Rake wants to kill (Name). What did he mean by 'She's mine?' Does he want to be only one to kill her? Or does he.......oh no.
Yay Part 5. So what do you guys think?
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All these new characters  I only knew about BEN sally slendy Jeff ej and LJ so much information!
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ME- who is this rake dude any who's? 
ME- well I don't, because unlike you. I don't read creepy pastas all day and all night. Seriously dude who do you sleep at night?! T_T
creepypasta fan-But EVERYONE know who he is.
rake- yeah, I'm flipping famous!
ME- well excuse me....T3T
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