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October 17, 2013
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Smile's POV

As much as I'd like to, I can't stay with (Name). To her I'm just a normal dog, but there's nothing normal about me. Besides, if I showed her what I really was there's no doubt she'll freak out. I'll try to make a break for it when she goes out.

"I'm off to work now dad." I hear her say. Her dad tells her to be careful and she starts unlocking the door. 'Well, its now or never.' I tell myself. Once the door was wide open, I bolt for it. I run right out of the house, not even looking back. The last thing I heard from her was "Smile!"

Your POV

He's...gone. I close the door behind me and start walking to work. I thought if I worked really, really hard my mom might have let me keep him. I guess I never thought he was a door dasher. 'I don't get it. Lots of dogs have walked in and out of my life. Smile's no different. So why do I feel so sad?'

~3 days later~

"(Name). (Name). (Name)!"  I snap out of my thought once my co-worker yelled at me. "Hu?" "Are alright?" he asked. "Y-Yeah, I'm fine." I said. "Are you sure, cause not only did you black out, but it's fifteen minutes past your shift." he said. "Oh snap! I gotta get home!" I quickly dash out the door and start speed walking. It was already really dark out and it made feel a little nervous.

Smile's POV

The women's scream was quickly silenced once I ripped her throat. 'Another perfect kill.' I think to myself. I jump out of an open window and walk through the neighborhood, changing into my normal dog form. Jumping out of the window reminded me of how I got a piece of glass in my paw, and of (Name). 'Damn...I miss her.' Every time I thought of her I start to get this warm feeling inside me. I've never like this for anyone. 'I should go back.' I thought to myself and start walking towards her neighborhood.

Once I got to her house I could smell her, but she wasn't home. I follow the sent and it led me to a pancake house. 'Is this where she works?' I see bolt out the door and start walking really fast. She must be in a rush to get home because it's so dark out. I follow closely behind her.

I wanted to let her now I was following her, but I also want her to be safe. So I decided to wait until she got home. "Hey baby." some guy said. Then three guys came out of an alley way. They smelled like drugs and alcohol. "Lookin for a couple bucks?" one of them asked. "We'll give you $30 bucks if you come in the back of the alley with us." "Piss off asshole! You can take you $30 and shove it up your ass!" She said, and continued walking. "That wasn't an option." another said.

Suddenly one of the guys grabbed her and dragged her into the alley. I growled loudly and that got their attention. "Aww look she brought a little doggie with her. I've always wanted a dog skin rug." he said pulling out a knife. I growl even louder and turn into my true form, and they all start reeking of fear. "W-W-What the hell is that?!" "A-A dog?"
"That is not a dog!" BARK!BARK!BARK! "*They most girliest screams you've ever heard*" They push her towards me and ran off. I look at her and turn back into a normal dog. I could tell she was scared, but she started to calm down. I walk towards her and nudge her arm with my head. She smiled and hugged me. "Thanks for coming back." she said.

~Time skip~

Now she was safe at home and I was lying on the same spot on the bed next to her. She yawned and turned off the TV. I waited a few minutes for her to be fully asleep.  Once the time pasted I carefully jumped off the bed and turned into my human form. Damn, its alto colder without any fur, and the fact that all I have are black shorts and a red t-shirt doesn't help. Oh well. Its better than being naked. I climb back in the bed with her and wrap my arm around her. As I drift off to sleep, I finally figure out what this warm feeling was.

I woke up to an alarming pain in my side. I quickly got up and saw (Name) with a baseball bat pointed at me. 'Oh boy.' "Who are you, and what are doing here?!" she yelled. "Ok (Name) I know your really freaked out-" "How do you know my name?!" "Will you calm down?" "No I won't calm down! What, did you think you can just sneak into a girls room and cuddle with her while she sleeps and expect her to be calm the next morning?! I don't even know you!" "Yes you do." I said as I changed into my dog form. Her jaw dropped. "S-So, so what are you? Some sort of human dog thing?" She asked as I turned back into a human. "Well. I'm really a dog, but I can turn into a human as you can see." "S-So when I found you, why didn't you tell me?" she asked, as she put the bat down. "Because I didn't expect to stay with you. I didn't expect to come back." "Then why did you?" "Because...I missed you." I slowly walked towards her until we were face to face. She looked away. "Smile?" "Yeah?" "Why did you miss me? I mean you bolted right out the door. You didn't even look back." "I missed you because.....I like you." She turned her head back towards me. That's when I pressed my lips against hers. After a while she started kissing back. We stayed like this for a little while before pulling away. Her cheeks were red with blush, but she still smiled sweetly. "Thanks for coming back." She said. "I'm glad I did."  
:iconyaysmiledogplz: Enjoy~
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how can he human too? that's news to me1
Mizomim Mar 30, 2014   Writer
How else was I gonna make a Smile dog X reader
Seadragon99 Apr 16, 2014  New member Student General Artist
The reader could of been a dog. (not to be mean or any thing) but I really enjoy the story.

isn't this beastiality?


Mizomim Jan 23, 2014   Writer
Aww~! So sweet!
Mizomim Jan 3, 2014   Writer
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