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November 3, 2013
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Your POV

The next day Ryan wanted to walk me home again, and Smile walked with us. I was wondering why he was being so nice to me. He's never talked to me before, and he has a girlfriend. On the way I decided to ask him.

"Hey Ryan?"
"Why are you being so nice to me?"
"I don't have any reason to be mean to you."
"I mean why are being nice now. You've never talked to me before."
"....Uhh, well you seemed lonely so I thought you needed someone to talk to."
Why do I feel like he's not telling me something? I guess I should let it go. "Ok. So how's your girlfriend?"
"Scarlet? S-She's fine." The tone in his voice told me otherwise.                                                      
"What's wrong?"
"Well, things aren't going well between us. She's getting way too controlling. She calls me like every five minutes, asking where I am, who I'm with, what I'm doing. Its getting too much. I have turn off my cell phone just because of it. I think I'm gonna have to break up with her. To be honest, I don't think I feel the same way for her anymore."
"If she's that controlling, she is not gonna let you walk away easy."
"Yeah I know."

   We stopped in front of my house to say goodbye. "Thanks for walking me and Smile home again." "No problem." He turned around to leave I turned to walk to the door. "Hey (Name)." He called out. I turned to face him. "Yeah?" "Are you doing anything Friday?" "No, why?" "Well, I was wondering if maybe...we could go to the park or something. You can bring Smile and I could bring my dog." There was a moment of silence before I gave him an answer. "Sure." "R-Really?" "Yeah. After school. I'll meet you there at 4." "Great, sounds like a da-Plan! Sounds like a plan....Bye." I waved goodbye and went inside the house.

    I let my backpack fall to the floor as I sit on the couch. I looked over at Smile who had turned into his human form quickly. He leaned against the wall and gave me a 'are you serious' face. 

"What?" I ask.
"You know what?"
"No I don't."
"You really don't?"
"C'mon (Name) even a deaf person can tell what he's thinking."
"Alright, fine. What's he thinking?"
"When he said 'plan' he really meant 'date'."
I blushed a little. "Y-Your crazy. No he didn't."
"Yes he did. I heard him stutter out there. He wants to go on a date with you."
"If it's a date then why did he insist on letting you come?"
"So you wouldn't think it was a date, and to him I'm just a dog and not your boyfriend."
"But you are my boyfriend."
"He doesn't know that."
"Relax Smile. I'll just explain to him that I don't feel the same way and if he tries anything you'll be there to stop him. Ok?"


~Time Skip to Friday~

Smile's POV

    I can't believe this is really happening. I'm agreeing to hang out with someone who's after my girl! (Name) sat on a park bench as I sat on the ground next to her. Soon I start to get a familiar sent. Well, no backing out. Might as well role with it. "Hey (Name)." I hear. "Hey Ryan. Is this your dog?" she replied. I look over and see Ryan with a brown Pit Bull. "Yeah, this is Jerecho. He's two years old." We started walking. "He's a big one." "I know. When we got him he was no bigger than my heel. Once he grew a lot of my neighbors got scared of him because he's a pit. Man I hate that!" "Hate what?" "The fact that people think Pit Bulls are born killers, and there not! There the sweetest dogs in the world! My cousin has one and she uses him to watch her 2 year old girl when ever she can't be in the same room." "The dog hasn't bitten her?" "No, my cousin trained him to be a nanny dog. If you train pit bulls correctly, they become the greatest family dog you can find. But noooo. No people want to believe all the stereotypes about pits. Saying all they do is kill, kill, kill!" I bet that sucks.

~We will now enter a conversation between Smile and Jerecho~

I'm Jerecho.
Are you the one who killed the people on my block?
Most likely. Why?
I can smell blood on you. Are you the one they call Smile Dog?
What's it like being a demon dog?
Its fun.
Can you turn into a human?
Whoa. I wish I could turn into a human. I would finally have thumbs and wouldn't have the urges to chase cats and cars, or drink out of the toilet, or chew things I'm not suppose to chew, or fall for the human's baby talk.
Ok. So what's it like being a pit bull?"
Its pretty cool. Because I look so mean people don't bother me or my owner. But it hurts when people thing your a born monster. Especially other dogs.
I wouldn't know what that feels like since I am a monster.
How many people have you killed?
I dunno. I don't keep track of that stuff.
What about Ryan. Why's he being so nice to (Name) all of a sudden?
He has a big, no, HUGE crush on her. Ever since him and his girlfriend started going bad, (Name) is all he ever thinks about now. 
I knew it.
Knew it? You don't know the half of it! He's always telling me about how gorgeous she is and how she's everything Scarlet never was and that she's everything he's ever wanted in a girl and yada yada yada.
Wait you mean.... he's in love with her?
I'd be surprise if he wasn't dude.


~Time Skip back to the house~

"I had fun." (Name) said. "Me too." Ryan said. "I guess I'll see you Monday." "Yeah, maybe we could have lunch together." "Well, goodnight Ryan. Night Jerecho." "Bye (Name), bye Smile."


    We went inside and (Name) changed into her pajamas, while I change into my human form. "You didn't tell him you don't feel the same way." I said. She just giggled and kissed my cheek. "Lets lay in the bed."  We did and she laid her head on my chest while we watched a scary movie on TV. "Smile?" "Yeah?" we both sat up a little and looked at each other. I suddenly felt her lips pressed against mine. I was surprised at first, but I kissed back. After a few minutes we pulled away. "I love you." she said. At that moment this warm feeling just took over me. "I love you too."


Sorry for the long wait and true fact; when properly trained pit bulls become great family dogs, so stop saying they're killers!
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omg da feelz doe
Mizomim Apr 6, 2014   Writer
Klearlyme Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My dad's freinds sister has a pit and she was the sweetest thing ever and she had blue gray fur she was so pretty, then she had puppies and they were so cute and one was blue-gray too! My dad doesn't stereotype pits and was gonna get me one of the pups but since my mum stereotypes them she got mad and I didn't get to get one I was so mad. 
Mizomim Mar 28, 2014   Writer
It's two against one. 
aidlevice Mar 16, 2014  New member
Amen I had a pit named Mickey because he had a mouse shape on his back
Mizomim Mar 16, 2014   Writer
Cute :3
aidlevice Mar 16, 2014  New member
I know stupid neighbors blamed him for their wreck of a garden but it was their dog nobody listens to me though:(
bubbleonfire Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You piss off any animal or person and they're gonna want to fight back. My aunt had a pit bull that watched me and my older cousin in the park when she would have to go on the phone or something.
bubbleonfire Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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